Luxury real estate in Moscow and the Moscow region: the secrets of the right choice

Tired of living in typical high-rise buildings? I want something new, more spacious and comfortable? It’s time to emphasize your high social status? Then we invite you to consider the possibility of purchasing luxury real estate in Moscow or the Moscow suburbs. After all, elite real estate is not just a beautiful phrase, but also a beautiful view from the window, a unique design layout, 24-hour security, neighbors close to you by interests and occupation, convenient underground or surface parking, a private courtyard where children can walk in complete safety, and convenient location. The advantages that you get by purchasing housing in an elite house can be listed very, very many more. Such an investment of your money will not only pay off with a sea of ​​pleasant emotions, but will also be fully justified, since prices for luxury real estate in Moscow are constantly growing. Thus, in 2013, analysts predict an increase in prices by an average of 5-7%. Even during the crisis, the demand for this type of housing did not fall much.

Having decided to change your life and move away from the usual stereotypes, albeit a spacious, but the most ordinary three or four-room apartment in a typical house, the first thing you should start with is to decide how you want to see your future apartment or apartment, and what should be its main difference from today’s apartment. An excellent assistant in this matter will be the sites of Moscow real estate agencies that specialize in the direction of luxury housing. On them you will be able to evaluate what offers on the elite real estate market are currently presented and, perhaps, even choose something suitable for yourself. As with the purchase of a standard standard apartment, the purchase option is possible here, both at the construction stage and in an already built house. It should be noted that the construction of elite residential complexes has a pronounced growth trend. In 2012, such complexes were built three times more than in the whole of 2011.

In order to make it easier for you to navigate the general flow of proposals, we will consider three different options for describing apartments in elite residential complexes in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Residential complex “Mirny”. The cost per square meter varies from 240,000 to 270,000 thousand rubles. The class of this residential complex can be defined as De Luxe. The main uniqueness of this house is its location on one of the ancient avenues of the city Prospekt Mira. This is the first club house of this class in this area. The district itself is one of the legendary historical districts of Moscow, the architecture of which dates back to the last century and forms a single ensemble that personifies old Moscow. When you purchase an apartment in this house, you will get the opportunity to live in the historical district of Moscow, but at the same time live in an exclusive and ultra-modern house with its own security system, underground parking, a magnificent neoclassical design that looks like Stalin-era houses, high ceilings and huge panoramic windows and individual layout of apartments. Completion period of construction works – beginning of 2013.

Residential complex “Krasnogorie De Luxe”. The cost of a square meter is from 81,000 to 110,000 thousand rubles. The residential complex is located in the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region in close proximity to the Moscow River, which has a positive effect on the ecological situation in the area. The area has an excellent infrastructure with a large number of clinics, schools, kindergartens, shops and shopping and entertainment centers. Near the residential complex there is a year-round ski resort and a yacht club, which will allow you to pleasantly organize your leisure time. In the modern houses of this complex you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay. Completion period – first half of 2013.

Residential complex “Korona Air”. An apartment for sale in an already built and put into operation elite building in the South-West of Moscow. The total area of ​​the apartment is 266 square meters. Cost $2,912,000. The apartment is located on the top floor of a nineteen-story building, has high ceilings, huge panoramic windows, exclusive designer renovation, a wood-burning fireplace and high-quality European equipment. The layout of the apartment consists of a spacious kitchen-dining room, a study, two bedrooms, a nursery, a living room, a guest room, three dressing rooms, a sauna and four bathrooms. The price includes a modern author’s decoration of the premises using natural stones and materials. The apartment is fully equipped with furniture and appliances.

Approximately such options, only, of course, in much larger numbers, you will see if you look at the websites of Moscow real estate agencies. Which of these options to choose and what to pay special attention to?

In the first two options, you clearly see that the residential complexes have not yet been completed and put into operation, which means that the process of settling in them will be postponed for some time. At the same time, you can choose for yourself from several options for apartments, different in size, with a free or standard layout, on different floors and with different views from the window. The final cost of the purchased apartment is not initially known, as it depends on a number of parameters. In addition, do not forget to add the cost of repairs, services of a designer and architect, purchase of furniture and appliances to the total cost of the apartment. By purchasing an apartment in a house under construction, you get a unique opportunity to become the first owner of an elite apartment and move into it at the same time as other residents. As you can see, you have a choice between a more economical option located in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Moscow region and a more sophisticated option located in the historical center of Moscow. In the third option, you are offered to buy an apartment in an already built house. You will most likely become the second owner of this living space, but at the same time you will be able to move into the apartment as soon as you formalize the contract of sale and the act of acceptance and transfer of property. If you are fully arranged by the design, layout, a set of furniture and equipment presented in the selected apartment, then no additional investments from you will no longer be required. The final cost of the apartment is known in advance, which allows you to more clearly plan your own budget, in which it will also be necessary to include the payment of commission remuneration to your realtor.

You can often encounter situations when unscrupulous real estate agencies give out completely different objects for elite real estate. In order not to fall for this trick when analyzing a proposal to sell an apartment or apartment, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

As a rule, elite real estate are located in the central or environmentally friendly areas of Moscow or the Moscow region.

Apartments and luxury apartments most often have a free layout if you purchase them for primary use, as they suggest a unique architectural and design solution in accordance with your taste and needs.

Elite houses have a very developed and diverse infrastructure, including underground parking, round-the-clock operation of security systems both for you personally and for your property, a sauna, a swimming pool, a gym that work only for residents of this house. In addition, there are fenced playgrounds and sports grounds, places for recreation and sometimes even their own mini-zoos on the territory.

The very concept of elite real estate does not imply accessibility for most people, and, consequently, the number of apartments in houses of this class will be much less than in a typical high-rise building. The fewer apartments in a residential complex, the higher its status will be.

So, the first step, namely the decision to buy a home in an elite house and will be such, you have already done. And this means that very soon you will be able to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable life, surrounding yourself with unique designer interior items and enjoying wonderful views from the window. With the purchase of exclusive luxury housing, your whole life will acquire new colors and move to a new level.

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