Luxury real estate in Moscow

Now the concept of “luxury real estate” has become quite popular, and you can easily find both on the vast expanses of the Internet and in specialized real estate publications a fairly large number of options for such objects for the most sophisticated taste. But who is the potential buyer and tenant of this kind of real estate??

In addition to individuals, large international companies also need to rent and purchase luxury real estate. This is due to the fact that expats often work in the top management of the Russian representative office, who, in addition to wages, a company car and hospitality expenses, are also compensated for living expenses. It should be borne in mind here that it is worth choosing the central districts of Moscow for living, where it is easier for a foreigner to navigate and easier to get both to the office and to places of potential business meetings and cultural leisure. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the apartment should emphasize the status of a top manager, suggest the possibility of living with a family and provide an ideal price-quality ratio.

Choosing such an option on your own, as a rule, turns out to be very difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Therefore, a real estate agency becomes an indispensable assistant in the search for luxury housing. The company initially determines the budget for the costs of paying for the accommodation of expats and decides on the acquisition of a certain number of apartments in the property or on renting housing. It all depends on how many expats work in the company, how often they change and what is the average duration of contracts. Most often, companies prefer to enter into long-term lease agreements, but there are also cases of acquiring elite housing as property. So, we came to the conclusion that the company cannot solve the difficult task of choosing housing for expats for top managers on its own, and the help of professionals is needed.

How to choose a real estate agency that can satisfy all the most demanding needs of the customer? When choosing a real estate agency, you should pay attention to the following criteria: the period of work in the Russian market, the presence of specialization in the field of luxury real estate, positive customer reviews, openness and completeness of the information provided, a wide selection of a wide variety of apartment options with a detailed portfolio, focus on customer needs and flexibility in work. Such a reliable partner for long-term cooperation will be the MoscowMax real estate agency for you, which works with both individuals and legal entities, and has rightfully earned an excellent reputation over the years of work in the Russian real estate market. The company’s employees will provide you not only professional assistance, but also select for you exactly those options for apartments that fully comply with your expectations.

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