Main criteria for choosing a humidifier

Humidity in a house or apartment plays a very important role in our health. Especially acutely, our body feels a lack of moisture with the onset of a heated period and winter. In winter, air humidity decreases by about 1.5-2 times compared to summer, and round-the-clock batteries mercilessly dry out the remaining moisture in the air. Dry air causes the nasal mucosa to dry out, which in turn provokes the penetration of pathogenic bacteria. By the way, these same bacteria feel much better in hot, dry air and die in a matter of minutes if the room is ventilated and humidified. Order Refrigerator Repairs here.

In a word, we no longer doubt that a humidifier is a necessary thing in the house, let’s proceed to the choice. Humidifiers are divided into three main types according to the way they work:

– cold steam;

– hot steam;

– ultrasonic.

Cold steam humidifiers work according to the method of natural air evaporation. They humidify the air not very intensively, it is impossible to regulate the level of humidity in such devices. The operation of such humidifiers can be compared to the presence of a large aquarium in the room. Sometimes, to enhance the effect, fans are built into them to more actively distribute humidified air around the room.

Hot steam humidifiers work like a boiling pot without a lid. They humidify the air much more intensively, but have some negative points. Firstly, the presence of a vessel with constantly boiling water in the room is dangerous for children, and secondly, it makes a constantly gurgling sound, which can prevent you from sleeping at night.

The third type of humidifiers – ultrasonic – are considered the most effective. They work according to the following principle: water from the tank hits a special membrane with vibration and breaks into water dust, which, in turn, flutters around the apartment. Ultrasonic humidifiers are usually equipped with a hygrostat, which allows you to adjust the humidity of the air and reduce or increase the intensity of humidification. However, despite a number of advantages, this type of humidifier also has a disadvantage. If untreated tap water is used to operate such humidifiers, white limescale will form in the room. Unlike cold and hot steam humidifiers, which operate on the basis of natural humidification, this device does not spray the steam itself, but microparticles of water, which also carries particles of chlorine and other precipitation.

What kind of water to use in humidifiers? Manufacturers recommend drinking strictly distilled water, but in everyday life this is not very convenient, because you need to buy it in specialized stores and bring it home in tens of liters. Therefore, approaching the issue from a more practical side, we can say that tap water can be used in cold steam humidifiers. For humidifiers with hot steam, it is better to use filtered or settled water with a minimum amount of harmful precipitation that rises into the air with the steam and enters the lungs. Well, for ultrasonic humidifiers, distilled water will definitely be the most accurate application.

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