Monolithic frame construction: free layout and excellent sound insulation

The technologies by which most modern high-rise and low-rise buildings are being built today differ significantly from those used in construction before. Today’s technologies have made it possible to take into account the experience of previous decades, take into account all the existing advantages and disadvantages of construction and develop new forms and engineering solutions that are the most rational and relevant today.

Monolithic frame construction: the advantages are impressive

Monolithic frame construction is a modern technology, using which they get comfortable housing. Its advantages include high sound insulation, the ability to retain heat well, the possibility of free planning of apartments, affordable cost and reduced installation time. Such houses are very durable and ready to serve for many decades. Monolithic frame construction implies the possibility of erecting buildings with a height of more than thirty floors.

The technology on which monolithic frame construction is based involves the use of a reinforced concrete monolithic frame, which acts as a supporting structure. Bricks or silicate blocks are used for external walls.

Monolithic construction: for a long life of buildings

Monolithic construction is a type of construction in which buildings of various shapes and number of floors are easily erected. Such a scope for choosing a layout and shape is complemented by quite important characteristics – strength, waterproofing. With the help of this construction technology, buildings without seams are obtained, which will provide excellent thermal insulation, reduce the weight of the overall structure. Today, market experts unanimously argue that it is monolithic construction that is the most promising.

Monolithic construction is a method using which you can not be afraid of the occurrence of even minor cracks on the foundation and walls of the structure in the future. It serves as a guarantor of the durability of the building and its strength, exceptional performance.

Complex housing construction – full cycle of works

Complex housing construction involves the development of several sites at once by one contractor. Various housing developments are underway in this area. Integrated housing construction usually includes the almost simultaneous construction of residential buildings and social infrastructure facilities. This type of construction involves an integrated approach to the development of land plots for construction and provides future residents with the opportunity to use the services of the necessary establishments in their own area or microdistrict.

It is always profitable and far-sighted to purchase housing where complex housing construction is underway, as it avoids problems in the future with poor infrastructure development and long-distance travel in order to use the services of a social facility.

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