Moving water in the rock garden

Even a small alpine hill will be decorated with a small lake or pond at its base. If you manage to build a waterfall or a cascade of water falling into a pond. This will make the landscape design of the summer cottage more natural. Moreover, moving water has a calming effect on the nervous system and gives this corner of nature a special charm.

If you choose according to the degree of naturalness, then a waterfall will be more natural than a fountain, unless you claim that it is not a fountain, but a geyser, for example.

So, consider the main elements of the running water device on an alpine hill. The ideal option is a stream flowing from the top along the channel from a cascade of stone steps and falling into the lake from a ledge on this cascade. So, to implement the plan, we need the following devices and elements of the system: a pit for a lake or a pond, a waterproofing material or a ready-made rigid form for a pond, a transfer pump, a section of a pipeline or hose for supplying water from the lake to the source of the stream, a channel with a substrate made of flexible waterproof material, stones and pebbles for arranging the channel and masking the substrate. The idea should be clear to you: water is pumped from the reservoir to the source by means of a hose disguised under stones and earth. The channel must be formed during the construction of the slide, laying it with a waterproofing film, and then overlaying it with stones and installing cascading stones directly on it. Water leaks, of course, cannot be avoided, but the bulk must be tried to be preserved. In the channel, you can build various storage lakes, from which water will fall to the lower level. If the lake at the base is small, then it is better to use a rigid form, since even a double plastic film can break through underground roots or weeds. Rigid form, the pump can be bought in specialized stores. The main thing is that the pump power is enough to raise the water to the desired height. The upper end of the hose can also be masked with stones to eliminate excessive saturation of the soil with water; proper drainage under your alpine slide is important.

Here is an approximate algorithm and technology for creating an alpine slide on your backyard. Regardless of the size of the slide and the scale of your imagination, the technology will remain virtually unchanged. The consumption of materials and labor will naturally increase. In addition, the maintenance of your rock garden will require constant care, weeding, planting new plants, preparing for the summer and winter periods. Therefore, it is recommended that you first look at the rock garden from others, consult. Carefully evaluate your options. If your confidence and desire do not disappear, then proceed.

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