Office design in the apartment

In some cases, a home office becomes not a whim, but a great necessity. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the organization of the workspace. At the same time, the interests of the household should not be infringed. The design of the office in the apartment should be comfortable and as simple as possible.

If there is very little space

Unfortunately, the areas of our apartments are not so large as to allocate a separate room for an office, so we will consider options for organizing a working space in a living room or bedroom. The design of the office in the apartment directly depends on the specifics of the activity. If the main part of the work takes place at the computer, then it is enough to choose a convenient place and place shelves on the walls.

For a creative person who is engaged in drawing, sewing or other similar work, a little more space is required. In addition to the table, you may need to place equipment or a large amount of materials and tools.

Cabinet in the living room

As a rule, this room has enough space to find a small place for a work area. It should not immediately stand out too much, so it is better to bring the table and other pieces of furniture closer to the wall.

The design of an office in an apartment begins with the choice of a table, which is the main character of this zone. A neat and elegant model will be a table with legs, next to which you can place cabinets on wheels. Bookshelves and hooks attached to the wall with bags for various small items will help keep it free. Tip: all the furniture for organizing your office, you can view and buy here. Zoning the room is carried out using a high rack or sofa.

Cabinet in the bedroom

Designers advise to place the desktop in this case in front of the window or near the wall opposite the bed. At the entrance, the working area is not satisfied, as it distracts from activities. Unlike the living room, it will not be possible to divide the room with furniture. Therefore, zoning is carried out by decorating the wall or different floor coverings.

As an option, the work area can be placed in a closet. To do this, it is enough to mount a sliding shelf for a computer keyboard and place all other things on existing racks. The closed doors of such a working corner easily turn it into a pretty closet. By the way, such cabinets can be purchased ready-made.

As for the color scheme, when designing an office in an apartment, it is better to give preference to beige, golden, beige-coffee, light yellow, light green or cherry flowers. And for lovers of a brighter range, try using a combination of the following colors: cream and turquoise or orange and white.

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