Order Gracks of the right model

Nowadays, the market offers a huge number of types and types of various mechanisms for implementation. Ordering a graph in our time is very simple, it is more difficult to choose a model. For example, there are devices that vary in design (single -channel, two -channel, two -ite and monocular). When ordering a graph, note that they are different in essence (hydraulic, electromechanical, fuel). In addition, each mechanism has its own purpose and its own area of ​​application: loading and unloading of scrap metal, gravel, sand, marble crumbs, expanded clay, timber.

Having ordered a grab, any business executive believes that this unit is most appropriate for the specific conditions and circumstances in which his organization operates. If the volume of production is small, then the capacity of the grab should be correspondingly small. But in the conditions of the Far North, fuel-powered mechanisms will be very effective.

Motor grab and its use

The motor grab is a lifting mechanism for lumpy and bulk materials. Its design is such that during operation the grab is hung on a crane hook, this circumstance makes it possible to quickly change the load grip. Such devices are screw, sector and winch.

In the production of a motor grab, an installation takes place, either a special drive, which is made on the basis of a geared motor, or electric steel. In addition, during production, the motor grapple can be adjusted so that it can rotate 360 ​​degrees during operation. The mechanism is controlled using a portable remote control or from the crane cab.

The most important feature is inherent in the motor grab – these are fuses that serve to prevent overloads during closing and scooping of the jaws. If the unit is equipped with an electric fuse, the grapple is calculated according to the value of the maximum current, reaching which the engine is interrupted.

Capturing the forest: the price of the issue

The capture of the forest, its price varies depending on the model of performance, purpose and manufacturer. In addition to electromechanical, hydraulic and other devices, there are manual log grabs on the market. The handle of this grapple has an ergonomic design and, directly, the grip. This kind of grab is made of high quality steel, and its cost is low.

For a more powerful and productive capture of the forest, the price, of course, will be much higher. For example, at the skidder, it is designed for competent and fast transportation of materials. This machine is easy to operate, has a long service life and high efficiency. Raising and lowering is carried out by means of the rear linkage of the tractor. Directly into the grip includes a spring, coupler, fangs, hinged link and installer.

For some forest captures, the price is determined by the number of functions that it is able to produce. For example, some log grapples are only capable of performing operations such as lifting and lowering. The cost of such devices will be the same, and if the grab, in addition to these actions, can also sort and transport the forest, then its price will be completely different.

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