Plumbing equipment market: formation, development, modernity

Such a segment of consumer goods as plumbing will certainly never lose its demand, because without this equipment, the life of a single person living on earth is impossible. It would be logical to argue that such a high need for such goods for every home and every person should ensure not only the stability of this market, but also a steady increase in sales volumes on it. And all this is due to the influence of factors such as demographic growth. Improving and increasing opportunities to own your own home, as well as the widespread desire of the inhabitants to surround themselves with better and more functional goods. In addition, it is impossible not to remember that old, already working plumbing products, over time, tend to break and fail, which also leads to the need to replace them with new ones. These arguments are present in theory, but how are things really with the domestic plumbing market? We take a chance to plunge deeper into this topic.

So, recalling not so long the Soviet past, I must say that the attitude to the equipment of the plumbing of our dwellings was more than negligent. Installation in society read: some minimum and the performance of a clear and narrow circle of functions are quite enough. The delights, as such, were not welcomed – even the presence of an ordinary object in the whole world as a bidet was considered a bourgeois advance, and no one thought of mentioning such cosmic things as showers or baths with hydromassage. Fortunately, with the opening of the iron curtain, the situation fundamentally changed and a stream of imported plumbing poured into our market, abundant both structural and aesthetic innovations, and expanded the horizons of our consciousness regarding objective fullness. This situation, of course, spurred domestic manufacturers to direct their steps towards the global mainstream of movement, forced them to steadily expand the range and improve both the quality of the materials used and achieve technological excellence in functionality. As a result, we got a market that is absolutely diverse in its fullness, in which there is sanitary ware of the most diverse origin, design and needs, however, even here, with such a commendable trend, there were some nuances.

First of all, breakdowns began to be observed among domestic producers, who invariably strive to get closer in quality to imports, and, accordingly, in terms of cost, and, hence, the profits received, but are far from always able to provide the desired with the pressing realities of production. With regard to imported plumbing, everything is also far from being as rosy as it might seem at first approximation, both due to the flooding of the market with fakes of well-known brands, and too much price variation, which gives the impression that either Arab sheikhs live in our country, or beggars. As a result, it is very difficult to find some optimal balance regarding the level of production, its price and quality, especially for a non-professional in this field. Although it is pleasing that looking at the emerging trends, it becomes clear that the share in the overall market occupied by domestic manufacturers today will only grow, of course, mastering new milestones in quality and assortment diversity. Let’s hope that the pricing policy in this regard will gradually settle down and cease to resemble a roller coaster, and the shortage of certain types of plumbing will also disappear.

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