Pond with decorative fish

Caring for a pond with decorative fish is a difficult occupation. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the surface of the water and regularly remove floating garbage from it. The bottom of the reservoir also needs to be periodically cleaned. For these purposes, there are special devices resembling a vacuum cleaner. Twice a year – in the spring and autumn you need to carry out a general cleaning of the reservoir with the descent of water from it. If this is not done, then the dead plants and the garbage falling into the water begins to decompose at the bottom, and will destroy the oxygen located in the water, which is so necessary for the normal existence of decorative fish. Good Korean household chemicals will help maintain the conditions for caring for a pond. After all, cleanliness is the key to beauty and health.

If the reservoir is deep enough (at least 2 meters deep), then the fish can winter right in it, since the water will not freeze to such a depth. The only thing you need to take care of is the access of oxygen to the water. We’ll have to make holes in the thickness of the ice and make sure that they do not freeze. Is it better to supply oxygen with a compressor.

If the reservoir is not deep and can freeze to the bottom in winter, then the fish need to be moved to the aquarium for the winter. After wintering and preparing the reservoir for the new season, the fish can be settled in it again as soon as the water temperature reaches 14-16 degrees.

In order for ornamental fish to be active and not get sick, you need to follow a few simple rules:

Buy fish only in specialized stores to minimize the risk of acquiring sick individuals. Do not overpopulate the pond with fish. Do not, under any circumstances, bring fish from natural waters into your pond. They may be sick, and there is a high probability of bringing some kind of disease or pest with them. It is important to create a sufficient number of shaded areas in the reservoir. For these purposes, you can plant more vegetation in the reservoir, for example, water lilies, with their wide leaves. You can also lay out decorative structures at the bottom of the reservoir, where fish can swim. Such shelters are simply necessary for ornamental fish. It is necessary to provide the fish with the necessary amount of oxygen. For these purposes, it is best to use a compressor. Do not allow surface water to flow into the reservoir. Together with them, substances that can cause the death of the inhabitants of the reservoir can get there. These are all kinds of pesticides and herbicides, poisons that were used to treat plants in the garden to kill pests. When planting plants in a pond, in no case should you use land with chemical fertilizers. When feeding fish, you need to use nutritional and vitamin supplements, which gradually release valuable nutrients when they enter the water.

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