Private house is now in fashion

There was a period when the apartment was considered the best real estate, the apartment had all the amenities, and it was not necessary to engage in economy, cleaning and repairing the courtyard and adjacent territory. If a good repair was made in the apartment, then no investments and expenses of time and effort were required, only once every few years it was necessary to make repairs. Those who lived in the private sector were forced to constantly support their housing and yard in normal condition, remove leaves and snow, mow grass, tint the fence and so on. In addition, they should have suffered due to the lack of amenities and other things. Now the situation has changed exactly the opposite, it is considered prestigious to buy, build a house for yourself, and do not huddle in the apartment. This year, the sale of houses in Moscow beats all records. Almost 80% of all those who want to buy a home dream of a private house, but not everyone buys a house for themselves, either because of insufficient funds or have not found a home in the area where they would like to live.

Well, if you still decide to buy a house, you have the right amount, you need to decide which way to go. There are two main options for the development of events: simple and more difficult. An easy and less expensive way is to buy an already built house, and modify it a little by making repairs at your discretion or do nothing and live as it has already been built. The second option is more complex, expensive and requires a lot of attention to yourself, it is to buy yourself a building plot and build yourself a house, yard, etc. exclusively to your taste and color. This option is more creative, when you build a house in your opinion, everything will be in it the way you want it, and not someone. But still, it is the sale of finished houses that is more widespread, because not everyone has the money and time to build a house from scratch.

Let’s take a look at what to look out for when buying a home. You need to start, first of all, from the place where you want to buy housing. As an example, consider the option of buying a house in the suburbs of St. Petersburg . Given the climate in St. Petersburg, you need to find out if groundwater is close to the site that you are offered, to clarify how the foundation of the house is made, whether high-quality waterproofing is done, because this is a region with high humidity and swampy terrain. Your future home must be very well insulated from moisture, because it is one of the main enemies of any structure. It is necessary to clarify how things are with the transport interchange of the area. Be sure to carefully approach the issue of heating and ventilation, how well the masonry is done and pay attention to the yard itself, whether the paths and driveways for cars are paved, since rains are frequent weather phenomena, and if it rains and there are no paved paths, then all the dirt will be in your house.

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