Protective coatings

All structural and load-bearing elements of the building are protected by special coatings. During operation or construction, the building is ruthlessly exposed to the influence of various aggressive environments.

The main protective coatings in construction are roofing, waterproofing, thermal insulation and coatings that protect against corrosion.

Since the roof is the upper part of the roof, which resists all the influences of the atmosphere, certain requirements are imposed on it. The main indicators of roof reliability are windproofness, frost resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, strength, water tightness.

Work on the installation of the roof and its protection is called roofing.

The technology of roofing works mainly depends on what materials are used. The most common types of roofing materials are roll materials, asbestos-cement sheets, mastics, clay or composite tiles (where to buy composite tiles in Moscow). 20% of all labor costs for building a house fall on the roof, although its cost is only 3% of the cost of the entire building.

All load-bearing parts of the building structure and external ones, like walls, are constantly exposed to atmospheric “enemies”. So it turns out that the main enemy of the building is moisture. In order to protect the building from the effects of moisture, waterproofing is used.

Waterproofing is used to protect a wide variety of structural elements of a building. For example, to protect foundations or walls, floors or basements, the first and last floors of buildings or attics – all.

The classification of waterproofing by type of material is as follows: there are bituminous, asphalt, plastic, metal, mineral. In general, the elements that provide waterproofing include mastics, asphalt solutions, concrete, polymer, brizol, glass roofing material, isol, fiberglass, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and many, many others. If we talk about the methods of installing waterproofing, there are cast, plaster, sheet, painting, glued, coating.

There are two main stages of the waterproofing device. The first stage is preparatory work. They include cleaning surfaces, preparing them, preparing all waterproofing mixtures, mastics, solutions. The second stage is the application of the protective coating itself. This also includes not only the application of a waterproofing layer, but also the maintenance of waterproofing, the installation of a protective layer. In any case, both stages together are called waterproofing works.

If there are losses, unnecessary heat losses, then they will organize the protection of the building from heat loss. It’s called thermal insulation. Its essence is that the main structural elements of the building are covered with a special layer. The use of thermal insulation allows you to avoid not only unwanted heat losses, but also maintain the desired temperature in the room.

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