Reinforced concrete piles

Finished reinforced concrete products remain the most reliable elements of the load-bearing structures of buildings and structures. Pile foundations are particularly durable and can be built on any type of soil, subject to the purchase of quality products. The sale of piles by CJSC “Beton” guarantees developers full compliance of these products with the requirements of GOST 19804-91, since they themselves produce them, like other reinforced concrete products.

The main criteria when choosing a supplier of reinforced concrete piles

Special requirements are put forward for reinforced concrete piles, since they are included in the category of critical structures. These requirements apply to all stages of the technological process, acceptance, testing and even sale of piles in terms of compliance with the rules of transportation, storage and permissible concrete strength. Piles are one of the few types of reinforced concrete structures that can be sent to the consumer only after 100% concrete maturation.

Thanks to modern in-house production, CJSC “Beton” can guarantee the required quality parameters of reinforced concrete products. Direct contact with consumers of their products is the best way to build trust. The purchase of such critical products directly from the manufacturer is one of the guarantees of the safety of construction work and the provision of high performance characteristics of buildings and structures.

Favorable offers from CJSC “Beton”

Concrete goods workshop of CJSC “Beton”, put into operation in 2007, is located in. Mytishchi. Favorable location and own vehicle fleet provide optimal logistics in Moscow and the region, which allows minimizing the cost of product delivery. For CJSC Beton, the sale of piles is an important part of the production activity, so they treat it with due attention, providing buyers with exceptionally favorable conditions for cooperation.

The absence of intermediaries guarantees consumers the most affordable “clean” prices. In addition, you can count on the manufacture of reinforced concrete products with special requirements for dimensions, reinforcement and quality characteristics of the concrete mixture. We offer solid and composite driven piles of square section 300×300, 350×350 and 400×400 mm, 4-24 meters long, made of concrete with the following parameters:

compressive strength – B20-B30;

frost resistance – F150-F300;

water resistance – W6-W8.

These indicators, together with a large number of reinforcement options, make it possible to arrange pile foundations with optimal performance characteristics that guarantee strength, resistance to external influences and longevity of the structure.

You can get more detailed information on the website or by phone +7 (495) 636-28-36.

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