Renovation of a small kitchen. We will expand the space, create a unique comfort

Every hostess dreams of a comfortable and functional kitchen to cook dinner, invite guests, and organize a work area. In spacious modern apartments, this dream easily becomes a reality, but what about those who live in “small” apartments – Khrushchev?

Unfortunately, today it is these houses that make up more than half of the residential development in our country. We answer – start repairing a small kitchen!

Capital or cosmetic?

The construction company “SK-Remont” offers a full range of repair work on the arrangement of the kitchen area. Recall that repairs in the kitchen can be cosmetic or major. The first type is suitable for those who are generally satisfied with the functionality of their kitchen and need only “polishing”. Finishing the kitchen in Khrushchev or redecorating the kitchen includes the following types of work:

Dismantling the ceiling and its decoration, whether it is a suspended ceiling structure or just puttying and whitewashing;

Wallpaper update or wall painting;

Reconstruction of the floor covering with or without preliminary leveling of surfaces;

Replacement of door and window units.

All these works do not require large time and financial costs, but at the same time they are able to transform the appearance of the room. However, as practice shows, kitchen repairs in Khrushchev rarely cost only small changes. Let’s look at the main problems that the owners of a small kitchen space face in this type of house.

Kitchen remodel

The main problems of the kitchen in Khrushchev

The source of all troubles is a limited space of 6 “squares”, which will have to accommodate not only the cooking area, but also the dining room, and sometimes even accommodate a washing machine.

In order to make the space as spacious as possible, SK-Remont specialists advise moving communications, for example, a sink and stove, most often gas. Such intervention in the organization of space requires highly qualified workers, so we advise you to carefully choose a contractor for repairing a kitchen in Khrushchev.

When the kitchen area becomes so multifunctional, we must not forget that the electrical wiring of Khrushchev is not designed for so many electrical appliances. To protect your house from overvoltage of the network and fire wiring, we advise you to replace it with a more modern. In addition, interference in the mains of the apartment will allow you to arrange the sockets in a convenient way and at any height.

Another trouble of old houses is bad ventilation. In the kitchen, where humidity is usually higher than in living rooms, this often leads to mold formation. This problem can be prevented very easily – cleaning the ventilation duct and installing a powerful hood. All this is mandatory by specialists from SK-REMONT During the repair of the kitchen. All of these problems solve the overhaul of the kitchen. Also, depending on the capabilities of your apartment, the kitchen can be combined with an adjacent room. Of course, you can get a living room, provided that the location of the living space allows you to agree on such a redevelopment.

Turning to us, you can be sure of the result. Professional civil engineers and designers will help you turn your typical Khrushchev into an original space for living and culinary exploits. Extensive experience with small-sized kitchens and knowledge of current trends allows us to choose the most effective and attractive solutions for your home. Do not deny yourself the pleasure – order a turnkey kitchen renovation in Khrushchev!

Kitchen renovation before and after video

Video report on the repair of the kitchen, divided into sections “before” and “after”.

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The cost of our services

Prices for these works are individual due to the variety of possible options. Therefore, it would be incorrect to talk about the price of a turnkey repair, but our price list for certain types of work will allow you to estimate the approximate level of costs.

The construction company “SK-Remont” offers a full range of works on the repair of residential premises, namely:

as well as the construction of country houses and cottages.

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