Renovation – what is it?

About 15 years ago, the prefix “euro” was sometimes added to the usual word repair, which at first led to bewilderment, but then it became commonplace. The definition of this concept is difficult to find, most often when people say “European-quality repair” they mean good repair. Repairs, consisting of whitewashing and wallpapering, have become an anachronism and are carried out extremely rarely. It was replaced by a complex complex repair using the latest technologies and materials with unique properties. The aim of this renovation is to create the most individual interior with a sufficiently high standard of quality and durability. What should be understood by the concept of “European-quality repair”?

Very often, an integral part of the renovation is the manufacture of suspended ceilings and plasterboard partitions, which are mounted using the latest building materials from imported manufacturers. Another characteristic feature of the new design of apartments is built-in lighting, which can change the appearance of housing in the most drastic way. Recently, preference has been increasingly given to multi-level ceiling surfaces, screens, arches and niches. Their lines are not clear straightforward, but smooth, often.

Renovation – what is it?

The main distinguishing feature of European -renovation is an integrated approach to the process of reconstruction of the premises associated with a significant renewal of its design.

The renovation is based on a specially developed design project, the author of which is a professional designer. Such a project consists of a schematic plan of the necessary work (water supply, ventilation, electrical wiring, etc.). Graphic sketches of the layout of each room are performed indicating the type of building material. The full design project includes the arrangement of furniture elements and various accessories. The draft version of the project is necessarily agreed with the customer and is adjusted taking into account his comments and wishes. The color scheme of decorating each room, the type of its lighting and zoning are being specified. It is necessary to determine the functional purpose of each individual section. Whether it’s a place for receiving guests, relaxing or a playground. It is important that the project is carefully reviewed and supplemented by the customer before the start of construction work. Otherwise, changing the design project will entail a loss of time and lead to additional financial costs. Which, of course, is not desirable, first of all, for the customer.

Sometimes there is a need to change the existing layout of the premises, which requires obtaining permission from special organizations. The process of such coordination cannot be called easy, so it would be reasonable to entrust its implementation to professionals. Large companies that care about their customers include re-planning approval in their list of services, which is an indicator of their level of professionalism. They undertake not only the development of the required documentation, but monitor compliance with all technical requirements and ensure the legitimization of their actions.

The task of the designer is to create an interior that best suits a particular room and the individual preferences of a particular person or group of people. Even if the customer has a vague idea of ‚Äč‚Äčarchitectural styles, a professional designer will select exactly the one that will provide maximum comfort for its inhabitants. The arrangement of your apartment will be created especially for you and have an individuality that is consonant with you. Touching upon the topic of floor arrangement, one can mention such options as tile, linoleum, carpet, laminate, parquet, as well as the “warm floor” that is gaining popularity. No less choice is present in the design of ceilings: cassette, suspended, hemmed, adhesive, etc.

As for the choice of building materials, in addition to individual preferences, there are also technical characteristics that are not easy for a non-specialist to understand. The most correct thing would be to entrust the decision of their purchase to the representatives of the company that is renovating your home, taking into account your taste inclinations. Moreover, the supplier of the company is well informed about the prices for building materials and will make purchases at minimal cost.

The problem of removing construction waste that appears after repair, as well as professional cleaning of not only the customer’s apartment, but also the surrounding area (stairs, platform, elevator) is now included in the total scope of work and is performed by a construction company.

The total cost of renovation is made up of the cost of materials and services, which directly depend on the complexity of their implementation. If you are interested in getting a good result, then give preference to a team that has modern equipment and many years of experience in similar work. This is only possible for large construction companies, as it requires serious financial investments both for the purchase of special equipment and for staff training. Only in this case you can be sure that the ceilings will not sag, and the tiles will not fall off a few days (weeks) after the repair. A good and high-quality European-quality repair cannot be cheap, but by paying the full cost once, you will not have to deal with the elimination of imperfections and correcting the mistakes of unprofessional craftsmen. Yes, and such repairs are carried out quite infrequently. So is it worth saving too much?

Summarizing all that has been said, we can conclude that renovation is a complex multi-stage process carried out on the basis of a design project. A team of builders of various specializations is engaged in the implementation of the developed project. Management of the workflow, as well as related issues (communication with the Housing Office, neighbors, quality control of purchases, etc.) the foreman is engaged with the participation of the designer and the supplier.

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