Repair: choose windows.

A window, the eyes of your house … Not a single house or apartment can do without windows, and if your home had wooden windows, installed back in the last century, with cracks and cracks that require “packing” for the winter, there is only one way out – to change! The decision has been made, it remains to make a choice: which windows to give preference to.

The market for window products is growing rapidly, a lot of large enterprises and unknown firms throw out a huge amount of products, different not only in price, but also in quality. How to make sense of all this abundance? Let’s first choose a window material that would satisfy us.

Wood. The material from which windows have been made for centuries. In a new interpretation, wooden windows have not lost their positive properties even now.

Wood is environmentally friendly and very beautiful, it withstands frost and heat, it has excellent thermal insulation properties, it can be restored if necessary. And the disadvantages? They are there too. Wooden windows require much more maintenance than plastic or aluminum windows. Wooden windows tend to absorb moisture, are fire resistant, and are prone to damage by woodworms. But one of the fundamental factors why wooden windows are less in demand in modern construction is their rather high price. With external respectability, such windows are most often installed in luxury cottages or business centers. You may need the services of a concrete pump during construction.

A worthy competitor to wooden windows are plastic windows. This option is quite practical, plastic windows do not require complex maintenance, they have high strength, good thermal insulation properties. No wonder statistics confirm that 50% of all windows in the world are plastic. And do not be afraid of the harmfulness of plastic: modern polyvinyl chloride (PVC) does not emit toxic substances, being an analogue of the material demanded for food packaging. Plastic windows are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, they are not afraid of moisture, frost and acid rain. Their price-quality ratio is optimal, they are much cheaper than both wooden and aluminum windows.

Aluminum windows are renowned for their durability. Aluminum window structures do not need to be additionally reinforced with beams or consoles. Therefore, the glazing of loggias, balconies, facades is most often done using aluminum profiles. The aluminum profile is much thinner than the wooden and plastic ones, the structures made of it look light and flying, giving scope to the designer’s imagination. Considering that the cost of aluminum window blocks is quite high, combined plastic and aluminum systems are more often used in construction.

A huge variety of window systems offered by the market is a guarantee that everyone will find a window for their home that suits them both in terms of price, design and quality.

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