Repair in the nursery

Since the child’s room in the apartment is not just a separate room, but the place where he has to grow up and explore the world, the atmosphere in it should be, accordingly, quite comfortable and cozy. For this reason, when performing repairs in such a room, it is recommended to use only the most reliable and completely safe materials that cannot adversely affect children’s health. In addition, all materials used must be characterized by sufficiently high strength and the ability to withstand increased loads.

Before starting repairs, the room will need to be prepared very carefully – completely get rid of old coatings, remove furniture, level the ceiling and walls, and, if necessary, perform a screed. Since tastes usually change in children with age, it is not necessary to use any complex finishing options during the repair process. The most acceptable option, in this case, is to first qualitatively align the walls and ceiling, and then simply cover them with paint. This will allow, if necessary, very easy to change the color, for which you only need to repaint the surfaces in the desired shade.

If during the repair process there is a need to replace the electrical wiring, then this operation can be carried out both before and after the rough finish. True, experts recommend performing such work even at the initial stage, as soon as the old coatings have been removed, since during this procedure it is often necessary to perform wall chasing. After completing the wiring repair, you can immediately install new switches and sockets, but only without external covers.

After that, the old window and door should be replaced in the room. Since a lot of dust is usually generated during such installation work, it is advisable to deal with them before finishing. Having installed the door and window, in order to avoid accidental damage, it is better to cover them with polyethylene for the period of subsequent repair.

When everything is fully installed and mounted, you can proceed to the finishing procedure – paint the walls or wallpaper them, sheathe or just paint the ceiling. In the event that preference was given to a stretch ceiling, then its installation should be carried out as a last resort in order to prevent accidental damage to the canvas. Next, you need to install the external elements of switches and sockets in their places. And at the final stage, the flooring should be arranged – lay linoleum, laminate, etc.P., depending on the chosen option. Having finished all the finishing work, the installation of skirting boards and trim is carried out, the film is removed from the window and door, and all minor flaws are being completed.

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