Repair of a one-room apartment.

We turn a one-room apartment into a fabulous corner.

Unfortunately, our Russian apartments of the old layout, especially the “Khrushchev” ones, can unbalance any owner. What can I say, one in three grew up in such an apartment, and one in four still lives in a similar one. Even in two or three-room apartments, the space is distributed absolutely impractically: corridors are like tunnels that do not really fulfill any mission, but simply occupy square meters, while bathrooms, baths, kitchens, and most importantly, rooms have thin walls and funny dimensions. And what can we say about a one-room apartment – where there really is nowhere to live, if you think about it – the eternal mess and a feeling of discomfort come from the fact that there is nowhere to put things! Yes, this is all so familiar to every Russian person, and he has to live in these conditions, but fortunately, in the modern world there are two magic words: redevelopment and design. With their help, even the most heinous life can turn into a cozy corner, a cute home nest, where it will always be happy to return after a hard day’s work.

Before starting planning and developing a new interior, first of all, you need to get rid of unnecessary things. Yes, this process is very painful, but you must do it, because objects that are only for the sake of memories and spoil your life, in the literal sense, are not needed in the apartment. Look around your room: what you don’t use is out! No, not to a landfill, but to a flea market, be prudent and get good money for old things.

Also, the apartment should not have any bulky furniture: cabinets, armchairs, tables, cabinets, chests of drawers – all this must be replaced with modern and versatile designs. Again, we go to the flea market and, or we sell, or change what interests. You can place an ad in the newspaper, but it will take too much time.

You can leave some large items if your room has a balcony, you can connect the loggia with the living room and get a large and beautiful space. Of course, you will have to fork out on new windows and the finish of the balcony, but for the sake of such a noble purpose, I think, it is worth spending. You will get a light elongated room, in which it will already turn around, but again, remember: no extra objects and little things-even a large spacious room can be turned into a dull warehouse if it is filled with things and old furniture.

The color scheme should be light and airy, give preference to light tones, such as gold wheat, ivory, blooming aiva. Light pastel colors do not “put pressure” on a person and do not “steal” space, but, on the contrary, visually increase it due to the full perception of the eye.

You can stick wallpaper, but you need to take their choice very seriously: no large and expressive drawings, but only small patterns, small translucent ornaments, light little flowers. If you have focused your choice on large photo wallpapers, then consider whether there will be enough space to fully capture the picture, otherwise it is a bad idea.

After you have made the layout of the apartment and painted it, you can safely proceed to the interior and design of the room. Here it is, the most crucial moment, and remember: no extra things!

There should be a maximum of one large piece of furniture in each room, because if there are several of them, there is a feeling of clutter. Focus on the bed, do not buy small uncomfortable sofas, just to save space – this is your health, and let it stay in great shape. Big bed, good mattresses. Choose the most suitable place for her, not in the middle of the room, of course. You can also purchase a wardrobe with mirrored doors, so the room will visually increase even more.

If you work at home, then select a work area, like an office. It is best to get a laptop, as it takes up less space and can be safely placed on a shelf with books. The table can be made retractable, and all the necessary tools (stationery) can be stored on the shelves above the table. It is better to keep cosmetics (if any) or other things necessary in the bedroom in the table itself, in drawers, so you save a lot of space and do not deprive your room of functionality.

Lighting should not be done from the ceiling – it is better to install a “spot” from the walls, and so that it can be adjusted: for work and for leisure.

Of course, decor elements are not excluded, but there should be few of them, and in terms of color they must match the established tone of the walls and furniture. Curtains choose light and airy.

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