Repair of balconies

Most homeowners are required to maintain their property in good repair and, as needed, hire or repair it themselves. Repair of balconies, it, of course, is not the installation of stretch ceilings, however, this is a very laborious task and it will be much better if you entrust it to professionals.

But if, nevertheless, you have a desire, with the help of your own strength, to cope with the restoration of the balcony and put things in order on it, then you need to take into account the features of such an activity. First you need to determine what and how the balcony is made. If it is of a cantilever type, then the repair can also spread into the interior of the room itself, that is, into the structure of the building itself.

Because the main part of the balcony is built into the structural beams. Renovated apartment is not an easy task, but in the hands of professionals it turns into a real art.

Other types of balconies may require repair of columns or the base itself, if the balcony is made of wood, then it can crack and rot over time. Wooden elements of the balcony require replacement and repair. A balcony made of metal beams can also rust and rot over time. Which in turn may require the replacement of its entire structure. Such a restoration of the balcony has a tendency to make a much more expensive and time -consuming during the repair, and probably it will be best consulted with a professional than to try to repair metal details of the balcony yourself. Be sure to think over the interior design of your balcony, because it can be equipped as a full-fledged loggia, and even as a separate room.

Some balconies made of wood, eg, may require waterproofing and treatment with chemical solutions to prevent decay and, in certain cases, improve the appearance of the repaired balcony.

Various paints and antiseptics can be used to improve aesthetics and achieve protection. Over time, some nails and screws may loosen from railings or planks and may need to be replaced. Remove all rusty nails and screws. The use of hinges, galvanized screws, nails and other equipment will help to avoid corrosion and rust in the future.

The need for brickwork and caulking may also arise when repairing a balcony. It is necessary to check the tightness between the wall and the balcony so that the wall does not flow during the rain. You will probably have to do some brickwork to restore the walls and repair cracks in the brick balcony. This is a very complicated procedure and, probably, you still need the help of a specialist to properly perform brickwork.

After the completion of the restoration of the balcony, you can relax and enjoy making decorations and decorations.

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