Repair of metal-plastic windows: common malfunctions

A plastic window is a combined design, which includes a number of independent systems. The functioning of each system separately directly affects the performance of other elements, and all of them, acting together, determine how convenient it is to use the window, as well as how efficiently it performs its direct functions.

If we take into account the fact that all the main working nodes of the window are closely connected, it can be found out that the failure of a single part will lead to the fact that the entire window structure will lose its operability. In order to avoid further breakdowns and not have to completely change the design, the repair of metal-plastic windows must be carried out when there are the slightest signs of a malfunction of one part.

Note that the very fact that metal-plastic windows are durable and well resistant to various aggressive influences does not yet make it possible to draw an analogy with other components and structural systems. Indeed, the material itself, which goes to the manufacture of the window profile, is durable. At the same time, seals, double-glazed windows, fittings and other elements, unfortunately, cannot boast of a particularly long service life, and therefore, in the absence of the necessary maintenance, they simply fail.

Accessories can be called exactly the element that serves as a guarantee of the functionality of the entire structure. It is this system that is constantly forced to experience the main loads of a mechanical and dynamic nature, which are quite capable of leading to breakage.

It is the quality of the fittings that determines how efficiently the window functions as a whole. Restoration of fittings will not take much time if we are talking about a minor malfunction that was identified at an early stage. A preventive inspection will take no more than a few minutes, it will cost a small amount, but it can save you a lot of trouble associated with the need to repair windows. Hardware is the most likely to fail. Unfortunately, the essence of the breakdown often lies in the fact that the owners grossly violate the rules of operation.

In such a situation, the recovery process may involve a simple adjustment of the elements, and their complete replacement. If we talk about the installation of new double-glazed windows, it is worth noting that this procedure is not always necessary. In a situation where the diagnostics showed the presence of a defect in the seal or sagging of the sash, it is quite possible to confine ourselves to local repairs. Double-glazed windows need to be changed only in the situation when the glass has burst.

After a competent repair, the window structure will again be able to protect the owners from bad weather, cold and noise.

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