Repair plumbing work

Until recently, for many, a plumber was associated with an unshaven and rumpled man of indeterminate age, who, for a certain monetary reward or for alcohol, will remove a blockage or fix a leaking tap.

This stereotype was formed back in Soviet times, when they did not hear about such concepts as “a range of goods and services” or “service”. Even in large cities, plumbing work was often not carried out at a high professional level. In times of wholesale shortages and lack of competition, plumbers were not required to be highly professional, and the choice of plumbing was often limited to its presence in the store as a phenomenon. Today, times have changed, the range of sanitary equipment offered is striking in its diversity and constant improvement, new achievements in technology and science are constantly being introduced.

Today it is almost impossible to install modern equipment for a bathroom or bath without extensive special knowledge and experience. The first question many clients have is “how much does plumbing work cost”? Of course, the installation of technically sophisticated plumbing equipment will cost more than just replacing a conventional mixer, however, the services of the specialists of the construction company “Remont-Plus” are always available at an affordable and competitive price.

The specifics of plumbing work

Repair plumbing work is the most responsible when carrying out repairs in an apartment. After all, all equipment is connected to a single centralized sewerage and water supply system, so a violation of the installation process can lead to many unpleasant moments not only for you, but also for your neighbors. In addition, plumbing is installed before finishing the floor and walls, and its incorrect installation can lead to the dismantling of equipment, which will cause significant additional costs. The best solution would be to entrust all work related to the repair and installation of plumbing systems to the specialists of the company “Repair-Plus”, especially since the cost of plumbing work that we carry out is affordable for everyone.

Toilet renovation in a new building

Where does plumbing work begin and end??

When repairing residential apartments, the work of a plumber begins with the dismantling of old plumbing, and, if necessary, heating radiators, water supply pipes. Only after that, new pipes are installed, and only at the final stage of the work, the installation of new plumbing equipment is carried out. For laying plumbing systems today, metal-plastic is most often used, which is easy to install, does not require welding, and no plaque is deposited on the inner walls of pipes.

Today, manufacturers give a guarantee of eighty years for many metal-plastic pipes. When laying sewer systems, PVC pipes are usually used, which are also distinguished by their durability. Today, almost all plumbing work requires special knowledge and high qualifications, as well as experience from the masters.

Do not experiment, entrust the work to professionals, especially since the tariffs for plumbing work at the Repair Plus company cannot be compared with the consequences that may result from poor-quality repairs or installation of equipment.

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