Repair starts from the ceiling

Do-it-yourself apartment renovation starts from the ceiling – this is the first rule that everyone needs to know in order to avoid all sorts of problems. It is known that the ceiling is the most sensitive place, plaster always begins to fall off from it first, and it is on the ceiling that cracks appear, which are the most difficult to repair. Regardless of the design of the apartments, or the quality of their elements, it is the ceiling that is the basis of any room. Repair of the ceiling consists in dismantling the damaged areas, leveling, and then restoring the appearance.

Water-dispersion paint, lime whitewash, alkyd and oil enamel are the main substances used to cover the ceiling in old apartments. Repair begins with the removal of the outer layer. Whitewash is washed off with ordinary water and a spatula, which is useful when several layers are applied. A spatula will also be needed in case of removing alkyd and oil enamels.

Leveling the ceiling surface

At the next stage, on which the entire interior of the apartment will depend, the ceiling surface is leveled, which must be done painstakingly and efficiently. Leveling methods are quite enough even for creative surface design, this is the use of drywall, and stretch ceilings. Repair of a one-room apartment is always less expensive, which allows the use of a wider range of materials.

With the curvature of the ceiling, you need to determine the degree of difference at the highest and lowest points. After priming the ceiling, an important stage of putty begins. The purpose of the primer is to provide disinfection of the application site and high adhesion between concrete coatings and applied layers. Strong and reliable adhesion of concrete and putty materials will ensure the durability of the work result. A high-quality coating of the ceiling with a putty mixture guarantees the maintenance of such a concept as the interior of an apartment at a high level. Do-it-yourself apartment renovation involves the use of only personal experience, which does not always favorably affect the quality of work. It may be worth contacting firms that make repairs and design apartments, as a rule, this is one place that includes a full range of services.

Repair of a one-room apartment

Repairing a one-room apartment brings more discomfort due to the fact that there is no space left for comfortable spending free time, which means that everything needs to be done quickly, choosing mixtures that have a short period of complete drying.

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