Repair work in residential buildings

The operation of the house requires constant regular repairs, which are usually carried out at intervals of once every three to five years. Current repairs allow you to maintain the interior of the house in excellent condition, and major repairs will either completely renew the existing interior, or radically change it.

Where does the renovation start??

Most citizens who want to make their home more modern and individual think about how to technically carry out all the repairs so that the result shows the style and good taste of the owners, and not the big money spent in vain.

First of all, for the correct implementation of repair work in a residential building, you need to be prepared for them not only physically, but also psychologically. It is also necessary to clearly define the priority of actions, that is, those that must be performed without fail and those that should not be given the original meaning.

That is, the main thing to decide on when starting repairs is what costs are you willing to incur, what quality result will suit you, and most importantly, who will perform all the work. If you decide to contact a specialized organization, do not choose those who offer a low cost of work. It is unlikely that you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of their work. It must be remembered that high-quality repairs are not very cheap. To get a good result as a result of the repair, you need to choose a reliable contractor, so you should pay attention to trusted organizations that have reviews from customers satisfied with the quality of work.

Renovation of the living room in a country house

What services do we provide?

Employees of our company always make every effort to give your home convenience, style and functionality. The quality of our services will not disappoint you.

Work with each client is carried out individually, and so that you can be sure that all work will be performed not only with high quality, but also on time, we offer to sign an agreement with us, which stipulates all our obligations in relation to the customer.

We provide the opportunity to order complex services, taking care of everything from the selection of the necessary building and finishing materials to the optimal planning of the work budget. Carrying out internal repairs, we bring it to perfection, give it the best technical characteristics.

The list of interior finishing works includes:

laying floor coverings;

ceiling and wall decoration;

facing of various surfaces;

many other works.

Our company does more than just interior decoration. Our specialists also prepare for major, cosmetic or European-quality repairs.

The quality of all work is confirmed by providing a guarantee of durability and quality.

Video of repairing an elite cottage of 800 sq. m.

Video report on the repair of an elite cottage of 800 sq. m. specialists of the company “SK-Repair”.

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The cost of our services

Prices for these works are individual due to the variety of possible options. Therefore, it would be incorrect to talk about the price of a turnkey repair, but our price list for certain types of work will allow you to estimate the approximate level of costs.

The construction company “SK-Remont” offers a full range of works on the repair of residential premises, namely:

as well as the construction of country houses and cottages.

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