Safe doors, what to look for when choosing them

How to feel safe? Install a solid safe-door at the entrance to the apartment. But, how to choose the right reliable steel doors? Today, high-quality models are produced by both foreign and Russian manufacturers.

Good steel doors do not have to be imported. Imported safe-doors may not fit in size to your doorway, as it has already pre-set dimensions. And the cost of models produced outside of our country can sometimes be several times more expensive. Now Russian manufacturers produce modern steel safe doors in absolutely all price niches. You can find both budget models and exclusive brands of metal doors produced according to designers’ sketches.

If you want to get a securely installed entrance safe door, it is better to look for one made by a domestic manufacturer. Most importantly, when buying a metal door, be sure to pay attention to the reliability of all its elements. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to the porches, flashings and hinges, which all high-quality safe doors should be equipped with.

Flashings welded to metal door frames are necessary to protect the gap between the frame structures and the mounting openings in which this frame is placed. These flashings make it very difficult to break out door structures.

The vestibules denote parts located on the inside of the frames or outside the metal doors themselves, they are designed to protect the space between them, in those moments when the doors are closed. Pretends are necessary in order to prevent the thief from using a crowbar. For good metal doors, the porches must be present both on the doors and on the door frames.

Also very necessary elements of door structures – hinges. The hinges must certainly be matched to each of the steel doors, depending on their dimensions and weight. The most reliable hinges are mounted on support bearings. The presence of such hinges on steel doors can ensure that the door leaf will always move effortlessly and never “sag”.

Almost 60% of the size The cost of a safe door is directly proportional to the number and size of the locking mechanisms of the model. They can be up to 60 percent of the price of a steel door. The remaining 40 percent we can give for brand promotion and decoration.

It is extremely unreasonable to take advantage of the quality of locks, flashings, hinges and other door parts when purchasing high-quality safe doors. It is these accessories that play a decisive role in ensuring our safety in the event of extraordinary situations, for example, when trying to rob an apartment.

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