Secrets of high-quality linoleum

Linoleum firmly holds its high popularity rating among building floor materials. And there are good reasons for this! Linoleum is suitable for any room, whether it is a children’s room, a bedroom or a corridor. It is reliable and practical, has high wear resistance and is not afraid of moisture. In addition, linoleum has pretty good sound – and thermal insulation characteristics. A huge range of drawings and colors of linoleum allows it to organically combine with any interior. But when buying linoleum, it is very important not to make a mistake in the selection of its operational qualities.

one. Wear resistance

Only its own class of linoleum is suitable for each room. The European classification system allows you to quite simply determine the class of wear resistance. This class denotes two digits. The first determines the type of room: numbers 2, 3 and 4 correspond to residential, office and industrial premises. The second digit indicates the permissible intensity of the load on the coating: numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 correspond to low, medium, high and very high load. For example, class 33 linoleum is suitable for an office, class 21 for a bedroom, and class 23 for a corridor and kitchen. When buying, you should definitely pay attention to this indicator, since the service life of your flooring will depend on it. The average service life of linoleum is in the range of 5 to 15 years.

Quality and safety

From high-quality linoleum should not come from any smell. If linoleum spreads a sharp unpleasant odor, then this indicates that cheap, low-quality materials were used in its production. Drawing on linoleum should be contrasting and distinct, not blurry. When rolled out, linoleum should have a perfectly flat surface, without bumps and waves. There should be no discrepancy between the layers of linoleum. Some coating manufacturers provide additional antibacterial protection. You can also find “green” linoleum, in which case its environmental friendliness is confirmed by international labeling.

3. Design and color

For small rooms, it is recommended to choose light-colored linoleum with a small pattern – this will visually increase the space. If the key role in the room is given to wallpaper, then linoleum for the floor should be chosen more modest and classic.


The width of linoleum ranges from a minimum of 1.5 meters to a maximum of 4 meters in increments of 0.5 meters. Linoleum 1.5 meters wide is offered only by Russian manufacturers. Ideal – when the width of the canvas matches the size of the room. But it is still better to provide a few extra centimeters for a possible adjustment of the pattern, for a niche for a battery, for thresholds, etc. d.

5. Laying and care

Linoleum is easy to install. After purchase, unfold it and let it rest for several hours. The floor must be leveled before laying, as linoleum is not able to hide its irregularities. Linoleum must be glued only to the base of the floor, only if this condition is met, the coating will be able to retain its key properties. Otherwise, the manufacturer’s warranty will not apply. Try to foresee the possible fit of the pattern in advance.

If so, buy special welding glue. Lay linoleum in such a way that the seams are directed towards the wall, through the windows of which light enters the room. Then the seams will be almost invisible.

Linoleum does not need any special care. You just need to remember that he is afraid of abrasives that spoil the protective coating. Therefore, when removing stains from linoleum, you need to use mild solvents. To ensure that the coating lasts for many years, use protective pads on furniture legs. If the chair is on wheels, then a special plastic mat should be placed under it.

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