Secrets of providing electricity to a country house

Conducting electricity to a country house is associated with a certain number of problems. Summer comes, and summer residents are increasingly thinking about how to make a wiring, connect a garage, illuminate the rear courtyard, etc. P.

Beginning of work

Where to start a person who decides to bring electricity to his house?

It will be better to start with those. tasks and project, including all the wishes of the customer and technical subtleties. The solutions will depend on factors such as the power in a particular section, the state of the power line, etc. D.

Work must be entrusted to professionals. The task of the client is only the release of the company providing electrician services. Everything else should lie on the shoulders of workers and engineers of the chosen company. When choosing a contractor for electrical work, it will be better to familiarize yourself with the portfolio of the organization, read customer reviews.

In order for the wiring in the future not to bring you problems, it is necessary to assess the power supply in power. The services of an electrician will not be superfluous here.

Mains power rating

As for power, everything is regulated by special. documents. To turn on a load of more than 10 kW, it is necessary to use a 3-phase network. Most often, people do not bother to read the conditions of Energy Supervision, regulatory and technical documentation, etc. P. , which is very wrong. Problems begin when the cross-section of the wire and the power of the supply transformer becomes insufficient to meet all needs. We advise you to use the digitop voltage relay on all sockets.

There are several ways to solve such problems. If there are few houses in the village that consume electricity above the norm, try to persuade everyone to organize a separate input from their transformer.

Do not forget about the prevention of power lines. It happens that cleaning connections from oxidation, phasing, ground repair, transformer adjustment solve all problems.

A widespread option for connecting the network to the house is self-supporting insulated wires. Available with insulated or bare carrier cable.


First of all, lightning protection and grounding of the building should be taken into account. The best solution would be your own grounding conductor in addition to natural. All metal pipes are connected in order to equalize their potentials.

It should be noted that the PUE in its latest edition allows the use of the TT system (t. e. do not combine grounding with network zero) if the line condition is unsatisfactory.

During the design process, it is necessary to carefully consider lightning protection. If your poles are the highest in the village, it is necessary to make protection against a thunderstorm on the poles approximately every 200 m.

Building wiring. After the network is introduced into the house, it is necessary to install a switching device before the meter. Most often it is a two-pole machine in special. boxing. Further wiring is similar to the apartment. Wiring is carried out with a cable with a solid core or copper wire.

In the case of a wooden house, it is better to refuse a hidden wiring. Currently, manufacturers offer a large range of cable channels, boxes, corrugations, etc. P.

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