Stages of repair

Sooner or later, every person in his life is faced with the need for repairs, and in this case, someone decides to carry out repairs on their own, and someone hires specialists for this work.

And in many respects this is determined by the scale of the work, your own skills and abilities, as well as what kind of result you intend to see in the end. It goes without saying that the repair will be carried out in several stages, since this process is quite lengthy and time-consuming. Just about the stages of repair work and talk in this article.

First of all, you will need to think in advance about what layout your apartment will have and what appearance. All these data will be reflected in the draft, which contains the dimensions of the premises, the location and dimensions of door and window openings, and the location and dimensions of the furniture. This project will allow you to more or less clearly imagine the future layout of the rooms.

After that, you should think about the design of the premises, and it is the style you have chosen that will determine the building and finishing materials that you will use in your work. And their price will ultimately directly affect the budget of your repair. When you decide on the layout, design, and your preferred finishing materials, and purchase them, you can get to work.

The first mandatory step will be preparatory work, including the dismantling of the screed, as well as in the case of redevelopment of the apartment and the demolition of partitions. All this work will be very dirty and after it there will be a lot of construction debris that you will have to take out at the end. The next step is wiring.

We draw up a plan for electrical work

Keep in mind that here again you will need to draw up a plan for electrical work, and all of them will have to be carried out in accordance with this plan. It will be necessary to clearly define the placement of such household appliances as a desktop computer and a home theater, and if we are talking about a kitchen, then a gas stove, refrigerator, washing machine and microwave, since each such device will require a separate outlet for itself.

It is desirable that the work with electrical wiring be performed by professionals, since in such work an accurate calculation of the loads on the network becomes a necessary condition, and these loads, in turn, determine the thickness of the cable being laid. Again, at this stage, only wiring and cabling will be carried out, and the connection to the network and the installation of switches and sockets will be carried out after finishing work.

We carry out welding work

At the same time, it will be possible to carry out welding work, if there is a need for such work. At the initial stage, special attention should be paid to such premises as a toilet and a bathroom, since at this time it will be necessary to carry out all plumbing work, including sewerage here. If necessary, replacement of heating risers, as well as cold and hot water is carried out, filters and reducers, fittings and valves are installed. Next, you can start laying tiles, and in order for the surface of the walls to be even, you will also need to plaster them.

And since it is in the bathroom and the toilet that the bulk of the dirtiest work will be concentrated, repairs should be started from these premises, and then go to the back room and gradually move towards the kitchen. Regardless of what finishing materials you choose, you will need to level the walls and ceiling, as well as level the floor with a screed.

Particular attention will need to be paid to the corners of the floor and walls, since later the plinth will be laid here. The floor must be on the same level, so the screed will need to be done taking into account all the requirements of the technology of such work, and the final drying of the screed can take up to three weeks, this must be remembered.

All of the above work will take you about a month and a half. The next stage of the repair will be the replacement of windows and doors, as well as the installation of window sills. Keep in mind that the installation of doors can be carried out only after the floor and walls are leveled. The walls and ceiling will also need to be plastered, and only then proceed to their final finishing.

Then the floors are laid and varnished if you laid a massive board, parquet or laminate. The walls, in turn, are painted or pasted over with wallpaper. If you are wallpapering, then you will need to remove the switches and sockets in advance, and the electricity will need to be turned off. After pasting in the wallpaper, all the holes necessary for sockets and switches are cut out and their covers are installed in place. In order for the walls and floor to also look attractive, skirting boards are installed.

Keep in mind that in modern skirting boards, if necessary, you can hide the antenna or telephone cable. Well, now it remains only to install the electrical panel with fuses, as well as cover the sockets and switches with covers, and install lighting devices. It is worth mentioning that if the apartment has a loggia or a balcony, then in such premises repairs are carried out as a last resort.

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