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Since ancient times, many palaces and mansions of the noble nobility were decorated with stone stairs. Today, these structures are real historical monuments and the best advertisement for stone stairs. In fact, the integrity of the remains of the structures speaks for itself. There is nothing more reliable than natural stone and its amazing properties. And how respectably such majestic structures look! Even the most inattentive will notice their beauty. To date, stairs made of marble or granite are often used in office and public buildings, in private houses and cottages. They emphasize the fundamentality and efficiency of the former and add a unique luxury to the latter.

The classics of stone stairs are straight or slightly curved mid-flight structures. Stair systems made of stone made in this way are considered the most representative. A spiral stone staircase can also be a good option, but you will have to try to achieve the appropriate design.

The construction of such stairs is possible using two types of bases: metal and monolithic. Monolithic (or reinforced concrete) structures are the most reliable and durable structures. After facing with natural stone and adding stone steps, such stairs take on a complete look.

What style is best suited stairs made of stone? As for traditional forms, such designs look great in classical or baroque, as well as empire style. You can easily emphasize the chosen style by adding the appropriate railing. Depending on the necessity and plan, it can be both stone and metal. There is also a huge scope for imagination in the choice of balusters for fencing. They can be made, for example, from ferrous or non-ferrous metal with the addition of elements of artistic forging, bronze or copper, stainless steel or brass.

Stone stairs are both interior and exterior, that is, exterior. The luxury and style of a granite staircase is best suited for the front door. It is desirable to install a marble structure indoors – this elegant material does not like melt water and merciless female heels. Steps made of stone are unpretentious in care, and with the right finish, they are durable and completely safe. True, marble is a little more capricious than other stones. Spilled liquids will certainly leave stains on it, and expect a whole network of scratches to cover the steps soon. However, this is as easy to avoid as to achieve – just use a decorative carpet.

To give the exterior of the house a coherent and complete look, we recommend finishing the facade with the same stone from which the external staircase is made.

Stairs can be easily decorated using stones of various shades. To give the structure a unique look, you just need to add natural inclusions of such stones to the steps and decorate the stairs accordingly. For example, you can polish the front surface of the steps to a mirror shine. Thus, the traces of the initial processing of the stone are erased, which means that the natural pattern and color appear in all their glory.

As for the steps of outdoor stairs, they should not be polished – in winter they will become slippery, it will be dangerous to move along such stairs. In this case, it is best to use grinding – it, even if it does not affect the figure and color, does not meet the best safety requirements.

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