Strengthening plastic windows

Windows with single wooden frames are becoming a rarity today, because most people prefer modern plastic windows, with which users want to provide reliable protection for their home from extraneous noise and other external adverse factors. But it is worth noting that PVC windows do not always meet the expectations of their owners.

After installing plastic windows, various gaps and gaps often remain in the openings, which can become a direct cause of the penetration of cold air and extraneous noise into the room. Not the best quality glazing of balconies can also lead to such consequences. You can carry out additional soundproofing of windows yourself. It can be resolved by using a special mounting foam. It is necessary to push the tube into the empty spaces that remain after installation, after which it is necessary to fill them as carefully as possible with foam. It is necessary to choose foam of the highest quality, because saving on it can reduce all efforts. After the foam has hardened, it is necessary to cut off all the excess with a special sharp knife, after which the seams are sealed with putty, both from the outside and from the inside. In this case, plastic windows will perform their immediate functions at a higher quality level.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the fittings, as well as the level of quality of its installation. It is important to check first of all how tightly the window structure closes. This can be done using an ordinary paper sheet, which must be placed between the sash and the window opening, and then attempt to pull it out. If the sheet is not clamped tightly and is quite simply removed, then there is a need to adjust the knots. To do this, loosen the bolts and plant the sash a little deeper, then tighten the fasteners and carry out a similar check. See here how to do all these operations.

Plastic slopes perform not only decorative functions, but they also enhance the sealing of windows. Noise isolation largely depends on the quality of the installation of these elements. It is necessary to check for cracks and gaps between frames and slopes. If there are any, then it is necessary to putty them. Putty should be used exclusively high-quality, synthetic, and not water-based.

Rubber seals play a very important role in creating insulation of window structures from environmental influences, as well as from noise. If there is a need to replace old seals with new ones, then this must be done. It is important to use quality elements for these purposes.

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