Textured plaster. Finishing of premises and facades in Moscow and Moscow Region

Textured plaster provides a huge scope for the implementation of creative ideas and provides an original appearance to your walls. Carrying out wall decoration using modern materials, our specialists create textured surfaces in any room – bathroom, kitchen, corridor, living quarters.

Realizing that each client strives to reduce the cost of the upcoming repair, we recommend, however, not to decide to carry out the work on your own. Our alternative is the affordable cost of work and the ability to purchase the necessary consumables at a price below the market. We will save you from visiting many building stores in search of the required mixtures and self-applying textured plaster!

Cost of work

The estimate provided to customers consists of the cost of purchasing materials and the cost of work. To determine the scope of work and advice on choosing the optimal type of textured plaster to be used, our specialists will visit your facility and take the necessary measurements. Based on the information received about the object and your wishes, an estimate is made, and the timing of the work is determined. Each of our clients receives detailed information on the materials used and the work carried out!

Textured plaster in the kitchen

Specialists of our company when carrying out finishing work in the kitchen use decorative plasters of two types – synthetic and mineral. They differ only in the type of binder used: styrene, acrylic, etc. are used in synthetic mixtures. d., in mineral – gypsum, lime, cement. Also, an integral part of decorative plaster are fillers, which are crumbs of granite, marble or quartz. Thanks to binders and fillers, ready mixes get unique characteristics that allow them to be used for finishing kitchens. Before applying the mixture, the surface of the walls must be prepared – I level, clean, dry. We also use special primers that reduce the impact of adverse factors.

Textured bathroom plaster

In the bathroom, textured plaster is the best solution that combines practicality and originality of design. Mixtures for plaster consist of a binder base and fillers, and various materials can act as fillers – mineral chips, small-diameter pebbles, cotton fibers, wood, etc. d. It is the fillers that create the effects of stone, metal, silk, etc. Textured plasters are applied to any surface and are durable and strong. In addition, if after a while you want to make cosmetic repairs in the room, it is enough to paint the surface.

They sell textured plaster, both in the form of mixtures and in finished form. Usually it is produced in two types – under a relief roller or under a grater. Textured plaster for bathrooms is characterized by high plasticity and the possibility of processing with different tools. The pattern on the walls is formed by fillers, which are rubbed over the surface during application. If a filler with round particles is used, then the pattern consists of grooves and grooves, and if the filler particles are sharp, then the pattern is formed by scratches and stains.

Video about the repair using decorative plaster

Video report on the repair using decorative plaster by the specialists of the company “SK-Remont”.

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Advantages of textured plaster

Ease of use. The material is easy to apply to the surface, there is no need to get a flat surface, on the contrary, chaotic ragged strokes reveal the texture of the material, give it aesthetics. Due to its high adhesion, the plaster can be applied to any surface.

The choice of designs. Textured plaster has excellent design opportunities. A variety of shades and granularity of materials, aesthetic opportunities and low price make them indispensable in the arsenal of designers.

Resistance. Our experts successfully use facade plaster in rooms with high humidity, it does not destroy and does not lose color.

Price. The material is characterized by an affordable price, so it is profitable to use it in rooms of any area.

Environmental friendliness. Facade plasters for human health are completely harmless, they have high breathability, the walls “breathe”, which means that a favorable microclimate is created in the room.

Turning to our company, you have the opportunity to evaluate the aesthetics and practicality of the use of modern finishing materials!

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