The main ways to protect windows

No matter how strange it may sound, but the windows installed in our houses and apartments are by and large not protected by anything and penetration into the apartment becomes just a matter of technique for a thief. At the same time, residents of the first and second floors should worry the most, in whose apartments attackers often get through the window opening. This also applies to owners of private houses, in which the presence of a large number of unprotected windows allows thieves to count on easy prey. So how do you protect yourself from intruders?? There are several main ways, which we will talk about. To minimize the likelihood of intruders getting through the window into your house or apartment, you need to be careful about the choice of glass for double-glazed windows. Today, there are several types of special glasses. For example, some can withstand punches, others can even withstand shots from a machine gun or machine gun. The choice is always up to the owner.

It is also possible to install double-glazed windows that have several layers of glass with a resin layer inside or with a polymer film (the so-called triplex). A cheaper method of protection is rolling the film on the finished glass from the inside.

In addition to durable glass, a reliable window should have high-quality fittings that can ensure a snug fit of window sashes to each other. At the same time, some devices also have an anti-burglary mechanism that can be locked with a key with special handles.

The main ways to protect windows

No matter how strong the glasses are, they are still the “weak link” in any home. Therefore, in most cases, the installation of metal bars on windows helps a lot. In this case, the thickness of the rods must be at least 12 mm. The most reliable system is considered when the gratings are directly embedded in the wall, and not screwed to it. But there is a huge drawback here: in the event of a fire, getting out of the house through the window will not work and the owner. Thus, it is desirable to give preference to sliding, removable or hinged grilles, but in no case stationary. The presence of a lattice on the window already has a psychological effect on a potential thief, who is likely to choose a safer “profit” for himself.An excellent way to protect windows is to install roller shutters or roller shutters. At the same time, the product is made of a flexible, but very durable metal sheet, which consists of lamellas (separate sections) wound on a shaft. The latter is located in a special protected box, which is installed above the window opening. Outside, it is almost impossible to dismantle such a structure. If someone tries to do this, then a lot of noise that will attract neighbors cannot be avoided.

The above measures are often enough to secure window openings. But if there are expensive things, valuables or just large sums of money in the house, then it will not be superfluous to install a burglar alarm in addition. In particular, special sensors are installed on the windows, which can be wireless and wired. These devices are activated when the window is opened. You can also use infrared sensors that respond to the movement of warm-blooded creatures (animals, people).

There are also sensors that react to glass breakage, excessive noise or even rustle that may occur when the glass is opened. In particular, the so-called vibration sensors are gaining popularity, which react even to a slight shake of the glass. Only such products are desirable to be placed on the windows of houses located far from the highway.

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