The price of entrance metal doors

Very often the question is asked: What to put entrance doors? At the moment, the market has been filled, the mass of goods associated with metal doors. In a huge turnover in this area, Chinese representatives occupy. Having thrown a huge number of their products into the market (sometimes very low quality), with their cheapness, they bribed a large number of people.

One of the cheapest positions were such doors as: to 1 and its “relatives”, its price ranges from 1200 to 3000 rubles, depending on the amount. The canvas of this door itself has a metal thickness in 0.8 mm, between the two sheets of the canvas there is coroncard coron (ordinary cardboard), the box is made of thicker metal 1 mm. It has as if it can be said for Chinese doors with a standard lock, an eye is mounted.

What can be said about such a door? Of course, it will not save from thieves, usually such doors are installed in new many apartment budget houses. My advice of course to replace it with zone if possible. Although this door has a hammer coating, which indicates its ability to put it on the street, it will not serve you for a long time.

The Chinese offered our market a more elite option. Doors are top notch. They differ in that the thickness of the metal of the web already reaches 1.2 mm, and in warm versions, mineral wool is installed, additional sealing contours appear, this will significantly affect the sealing of the door, in some cases additional locks are installed, and the lock itself already has a bolt locking system based on the safe principle. This will increase its burglary resistance accordingly.

And finally, let’s move on to the Russian doors, take the example of the Argus door, manufactured in Yoshkar-Ola. This is a door with a leaf thickness of 2 mm, a triple seal contour, insulation throughout the base, including the box, a border lock, do not forget about the reinforced armor lining, and there are also special anti-burglary pins, with which, even after liquidation hinges, the canvas will fall on these pins, which will cause the door not to open.

Standard door sizes are: 860 × 2050; 960×2050. When choosing the direction of opening, do not forget about fire safety.

The opening in which the new door will be installed is carefully adjusted in size, if necessary, remove the excess wall thickness using a perforator. The size of the opening must not be 40 mm wider than the size of the door frame. The new door is level. After which the fastening takes place, on the anchor. We foam the gap between the box and the wall with foam. We fasten the fittings, we adjust the canvas. When drilling, it is best to use a construction vacuum cleaner, since without its use, dust will clog in the hinges and it is possible that the door will creak later.

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