The success secrets of the bobcat skid steer loader

Increasingly, at construction sites, instead of the excavators familiar to many of us, you can find productive wheel-type loaders. Is such a substitution justified?? Are the loading equipment able to fully cope with the loading and unloading and earthworks, the need for which arises during the construction of structures?

According to experts, Bobcat compact skid steer loaders have the required set of useful user criteria, giving reason to declare them as a full-fledged construction equipment. Machines can be additionally equipped with various equipment, as a result of which they are transformed into graders, rollers, concrete mixing plants, cultivators and, in fact, excavators. The power parameters of loading equipment are optimally suited for the full cycle of activities carried out at the construction site.

The secret to the success of bobcat skid steer loaders is largely due to the presence of the patented Super Boom system. In terms of power, such booms are much superior to radial ones – high productivity is ensured due to the low placement of the pivot pin, optimal weight distribution between the front and rear axles. The machine is able to perform all maneuvers (including complex turns) without going beyond its own dimensions – the high stability of the wheel loader allows the operator to operate it with one hundred percent load. Proper stability is largely achieved by a low center of gravity, long wheelbase. The demand for wheeled vehicles is ensured, in addition, the possibility of its operation in difficult conditions, in the course of work in mountainous areas, etc. d.

It is no secret that many small construction companies find it rather problematic to equip the fleet with their own units at the initial stages of their activity. The ideal way out in this situation is to rent road construction equipment on the site. In this case, they only have to pay for the time the units are used. All costs for the maintenance of vehicles, repairs and technical inspections are borne by the owners of special-purpose rolling stock. The company “Arenda Tekhniki” provides its customers with bobcat mini wheel loaders for temporary use, with the help of which they manage to cope with the whole range of tasks at the facility. As mentioned above, one single unit equipped with technological nozzles is able to mechanize a set of measures at the stage of excavation. Construction equipment rental services are thus associated with a significant economic effect for customers.

It should be noted that the bucket filling percentage of a mini-loader is in no way inferior to that of a modern excavator, it ranges from 0.75 to 1.1 percent. The magnitude of the breakaway force on the cutting edge of the bobcat wheeled unit is also not inferior to the characteristics of excavator equipment.

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