Toilet repair in Moscow. Quality, Affordable, Prompt

Only short-sighted owners postpone the repair of the toilet “for later”. In the meantime, there are at least two reasons for not postponing toilet renovation plans.

Firstly, an untidy toilet can once and for all spoil the impression of your apartment with an expensive and seemingly worthy repair. Sometimes attention is paid to everything – a bedroom, a living room, a dining room – but for some reason they forget about the toilet … tired of the noise, and therefore dissatisfied neighbors.

First step. Nothing old

Our specialists will remove the old tiles from the ceiling, from the walls of the toilet, dismantle the old toilet bowl, and also prepare the surfaces of the walls and ceiling for a new repair. At the same time, it is important to carry out these works as carefully and correctly as possible. For example, if we take on the dismantling of plumbing, we do not forget to turn off the water supply and be sure to warn our neighbors about this. Most likely, obsolete electrical wires also need to be replaced. If you contact us, you can be sure that all the necessary preparatory work will be done professionally and in a short time.

Toilet repair in Moscow

Second step. Preparing for the new

Toilet overhaul implies a thorough approach. As soon as the first part of the work is completed and the past of your toilet is over, you need to install new sewer pipes. Our experts will tell you what materials it would be reasonable to use when finishing the toilet. The second stage of the turnkey toilet repair will be completed, which means it’s time to install the toilet.

Third step. Plumbing installation

There are at least three types of toilet installation: on a cement base, on an epoxy adhesive, and also attaching a toilet bowl to a wooden floor. We will choose the type of installation that will bring a minimum of noise and make repairs in the toilet of the highest quality. Installing plumbing is a very responsible business that should be dealt with by people who are not working with plumbing for the first time. The employees of our company are such. In addition, we have specialists who can install new modern lamps in your toilet, make a false ceiling, and, if necessary, “arrange” a warm floor, thanks to which you will feel comfortable even in this smallest room in the winter cold. in your apartment.

Thanks to the SK-Repair company, you will receive not only high-quality work, but also learn how to choose inexpensive materials that meet high requirements. The cost of repairing a toilet will depend both on the house in which you live (“Stalinka” is, “Khrushchev”, “Panelka” or your private house), and on your imagination. Of course, a turnkey toilet repair will cost significantly more if you have a toilet adjacent to the bathroom in your apartment. Then there will be much more work with all kinds of tiles, more pipes will have to be laid and plumbing installed. In the case of an adjacent bathroom, at your request, specialists can also do redevelopment, achieving the long-awaited separation of the roles of the toilet and bathroom. In the end, making a turnkey toilet renovation, our employees will install a shower cabin and connect a washing machine ..

The cost of repairing a toilet in Moscow at SK-Remont differs significantly from the offers of other companies. With us you do not overpay, and you can be sure of the quality. The organization employs competent plumbers, professional tilers and finishers, electricians and many other specialists – which means that we keep your repair in the toilet under control!

Video of bathroom renovation on Cherepovetskaya street

Video report on the repair of the bathroom by the specialists of the company “SK-Remont”.

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The cost of our services

Prices for these works are individual due to the variety of possible options. Therefore, it would be incorrect to talk about the price of a turnkey repair, but our price list for certain types of work will allow you to estimate the approximate level of costs.

The construction company “SK-Remont” offers a full range of works on the repair of residential premises, namely:

as well as the construction of country houses and cottages.

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