Types of roofs for the construction of a country house

Usually the roof for a country house is chosen according to your preferences. An unusual roof will always draw attention to the house and give the owner another reason to be proud of his decision. The material from which the roof will be made was initially indicated in the project of the house, but it would not be out of place to ask about the thoughts of the architect regarding the choice of the type of roof. Well, to be interested, you need to understand at least a little about the types of roofs for a country house.

Pitched roofs – definitely, their main task is to protect your home from various types of precipitation. It is precisely because of this that such roofs prevail in most regions of not only our country, but also Europe. The slope (or slope) of this roof does not allow precipitation to harm it, for example, it provides limitation of snow load, as well as rainwater runoff.

An interesting feature of a pitched roof is that the function and properties do not change depending on the number of slopes.

In general, the simplest (and most commonly used) solution is to build a gable roof. Its simplicity is its main value, especially in the eyes of architects.

By the way, no matter what type of roof you like, it must be designed so that it can withstand all possible loads. To do this, when the roof is still at the project stage, the load on the roof is calculated.

Mansard roofs – the most economical, and therefore the most common option for increasing living space. The construction of such a roof is much more expensive than the construction of a conventional attic, but it provides an additional living floor. More expensive, it turns out mainly due to additional costs for insulation. In the design of such a roof there is no place for struts and stretch marks.

But the main advantage of the mansard roof is that it can be used to make an inexpensive, one might even say cheap second floor, while the house can do without an attic.

Flat roofs – the most uncommon option, but in the future it may gain well-deserved popularity. This is a very original solution for the roof. Perhaps flat roofs simply remind of the routine and bustle of the city, but the peak of their popularity has not yet come, since over the past few years the number of such houses has been increasing, which means they are gradually becoming fashionable.

The unique possibilities of such a roof are, for example, the placement of a pool or mini-billiards, a sports ground. Because of this, flat roofs are especially popular in hot countries.

In addition, it is quite possible to diversify the appearance of a flat roof in another way – by installing various glass structures on it, which will make it even more original and unusual.

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