Types of timber for the construction of a bathhouse

For the construction of a bath, two types of beams are most often used: profiled and strict. Which option is suitable in a particular case can be determined, clearly knowing all the requirements for the construction and characteristics of the material. During the construction, a regular or strict beam is used, in which the cross section is 100×100, 100×150, 150×150, 150x200mm. Material of this type is obtained by cutting by logs of 4 sides of Kant. It does not have a high price.

Profiled is made from coniferous trees, characterized by the correct shape and treated surface. For the construction of a bath, it is recommended to use blanks with a section of 150×150, 160x195mm. Connections are made with departures. Such a beam is in no way inferior to a glued or ordinary one about the technical parameters.

Stages of material preparation

one. Selecting the right wood. In accordance with what kind of bath will be built – timber or log, the material for construction will be selected according to the relevant parameters in accordance with GOST 8486-86: no visible damage, density and strength of the material. For the construction of a budget bath from a turnkey beam, coniferous woods are used. Spruce is characterized by lightness and softness, elasticity, porosity, able to withstand fairly large loads. Pine has high strength and average density, resistant to decay and cracking processes.

2. Rejection and direct sawing. Initially, the logs are inspected for visible defects. Then they are sawn by means of a band sawmill and blanks are taken, in which the side surfaces are of the correct shape.

3. Drying of harvested wood. The blanks are placed in special chambers for drying with a convection function, where excess moisture is evaporated during the process. The permissible threshold for the presence of moisture after drying should be no more than 10%. Next, the beam is again inspected for defects.

four. Storage and preparation for use. Before storage, the tree must be treated with an antiseptic and flame retardants. In the warehouse where it will be, there must be sufficient air circulation and protection from precipitation.

Among the advantages are the following characteristics:

– environmental friendliness. Does not harm the environment and is absolutely harmless to health. In modern architecture and trends in the eco -design of the house from timber, they occupy the main positions;

– low thermal conductivity. During construction, the constituent elements fit snugly against one another, as a result of which heat is able to remain in the room for quite a long time;

– strength and durability. The service life of a structure erected from a bar is 50 years;

– weather resistance. Log baths and timber baths are very resistant to temperature extremes, as well as to various precipitation.

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