Video surveillance repair.

Video surveillance repair.

When purchasing household appliances, studying the instructions, in any case, we will come across a paragraph on precautionary measures and a detailed description of the rules for caring for appliances. There are usually a few troubleshooting tips at the end of the manual. After purchase and installation, the equipment requires competent maintenance, competent use and, if necessary, repair of video surveillance, alarm systems, access control systems and similar security systems.

Repair of video surveillance systems is a rather laborious process, as it consists of many elements and, as a result, the necessary care is recommended for each of them. Video capture card, recorder, surveillance cameras of various types, hard drives, power supplies, connectors, wires, TV or monitor. After installing video surveillance, the customer begins to worry about the start-up and its performance of the system, while renouncing service, relying only on the guarantee of the installed equipment.

A significant number of elements of the security system have warranty lines lasting about a year, which is actually not much at all, however, we buy a system for a long time and assume that it will work, if not forever, then at least 10 years.

Let’s analyze what can happen to the video surveillance system:

one. The monitor of the video surveillance system does not function, there is absolutely no image.

Whether to determine whether the nutrition is done to the monitor, to inspect the network indicator, it is usually green or red, if there is no performance, you should not say with confidence that the snag is in a TV or monitor or with a socket from which the monitor feeds on.

2. The image, divided into four parts, but one of the cameras does not function, the inscription appears – there is no signal.

Obviously, the problem is the video surveillance chamber, first you need to check the BNC operation, in the absence of the result, check the voltage from the power supply, if necessary, replace the BP.

3. The image from the camera is available, but the quality blinks, frequent stripes or snowy.

The problem is found in the video signal cable where the twisting of the connectors occurs. It is necessary to carry out an insulation test, crossing the internal wiring with an insulating.

four. Everything functions, there is an image, but it is not saved to the video surveillance archive.

In the registrar, you need to check the HDD settings, where the function of overwriting the hard disk must be, or format the hard disk.

5. On the screen at the division points there is no signal from all surveillance cameras.

Perhaps the problem lies in the wiring of the surveillance cameras.

In any case, the correct “diagnosis” can only be made by a highly qualified specialist who understands all the intricacies of video surveillance. Searching for the cause and solution of the problem through friends or on forums with people who have very superficial knowledge in the field of equipment repair is a labor-intensive and useless business. It is better to pay for a quality service than for a free disservice.

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