Wall decoration: finishing works

A person has always been drawn to decorate his space with everything that comes to his mind.

Currently, you can buy m350 concrete for this purpose in Moscow and the Moscow region, fill walls from it and paste them with excellent wallpaper or paint them with amazing colors.

You can use fine textile coverings or simply high-quality ceramic tiles.

Modern techniques make it possible to disguise one material as another, which is very valuable for people who are experiencing financial difficulties, but who are not indifferent to the atmosphere in the house.

Today, for connoisseurs of real art and style, original ways of decorating walls are offered.

For their execution, different materials are involved, among which a special place belongs to the skin. This is the most ancient material that was used for decor and now it is regaining great popularity among the owners of original interiors. After all, it is believed that this material is harmless to the body, moreover, it allows you to create a rather pleasant smell in the room and perfectly absorbs noise.

Not the last place in the list of materials used for wall decoration is natural stone. In the case when the relief is finely designed, this becomes a real work of art.

Wood trim

But the palm of the championship, nevertheless, should be given to a tree, which is considered the most important natural material. Only wooden decoration used for walls will allow you to get real comfort. Such a magnificent decor is suitable for almost any room. Although such decoration needs a special approach. It can be gilded thread, or a simple pattern with patterns.

In a country house, it is best to use gross trees for decoration for decoration. It is worth saying that cherries, walnut or pear are harmoniously combined with classics.

And, of course, metal. Coatings from it have high strength and extraordinary beauty. A metal film of multi -colored metals is formed, connecting to the basis. This technology allows you to get amazing decorative elements that can be combined with the texture of various types. The result is original interiors.

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Typically, classic ceramic tiles are used as facing and building materials.

Relief plaster – this is the name of the decorative coating used for interior wall decoration based on acrylic and mineral binders.

One of the most common finishing materials in the domestic suburban real estate market is lining.

Often used in construction for finishing lining. But not everyone knows how to install it.

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