We repair walls.

How to repair walls in an apartment?

If you decide to make repairs in the apartment, then repairing the walls is one of the main stages. It all depends on the condition of the walls. If the walls are in good condition, they can be slightly updated by wallpapering or painting. If not, it needs a complete overhaul. To do this, you need to carry out plaster work and putty the walls with starting and finishing putty.

But before starting work, you must make a project of air conditioning and ventilation systems. And develop a step-by-step action plan.

– How do you want to see the walls after repair?

– Select the required material.

– Delete old stuff.

– Apply draft materials.

– Apply finishing materials.

The most pleasant moment is the development of the design of the apartment, the choice of texture and color of materials. But do not forget about such trifles as switches and sockets, think about how to arrange central heating batteries, choose the right wall-to-ceiling transitions. And also when choosing wallpaper, consider the illumination of the room, which tones are best for warm or cold, and which colors are better to choose light or dark. It is necessary to take into account the fact whether the colors of the walls will be combined with the color of the furniture, doors and floor. Also choose the material for repair, wallpaper is suitable for rooms, tiles for kitchen and bathroom.

When choosing a material, you must determine exactly what material you will work with. For walls, they usually use different wallpapers, they are also painted with paint, various tile materials are glued. You can lay out the kitchen, bathroom and toilet with ceramic tiles, and you can paste wallpaper in the rooms and the corridor.

After you have chosen the material, proceed to the preparation of the walls. Start by removing old material from the walls – paint, wallpaper. Basically, after removing the wallpaper on the walls, you will see plaster. If there are cracks in the plaster, it must be completely removed and the walls treated with a primer. For wall plastering, you need to choose a material depending on how thick the plaster layer you want to apply, thick or thin. If you change wiring, then do it before plastering. The plaster dries for about a month, after it dries, proceed to the following work. If you want to paste wallpaper or paint walls, then first apply putty on the walls. And if you glue the tiles, you can immediately get to work.

Putty is chosen as well as a primer, depending on the room and its operation. Then it is necessary to prime the plaster, it must be done if the old plaster remains. When the primer dries, it dries for a day, proceed to puttying the walls. It is applied in several layers, one layer is enough for wallpaper, if you paint, then 2-3 layers. Putty dries 1-2 weeks.

And the last step is applying the final layer. Do a primer before applying. If you will paint the walls, then this must be done in 2 layers and wait until the first layer dries. Wallpaper glue according to the instructions indicated on the packaging of glue and wallpaper.

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