Window repair

Agree, it is very difficult to imagine the modern world without PVC and aluminum window systems – they have become firmly established in society, and are now widely used.

If more than ten years ago, when they first appeared on the Russian market, it seemed like a luxury and an expensive product, then today the prices for these products have become affordable for almost all segments of the population. This can be judged by looking at new-build houses and old houses – 90% of window systems are made of PVC materials.

Of course, there are no excuses not to choose modern products. It fully meets all the requirements of environmental safety for a person and at the same time is a reliable and high-quality attribute of each apartment. The use of PVC windows allows you to save on the annual paint of wooden products, tightening bolts every season and additional insulation: adhesive tapes and foam rubber with cotton wool, this is the last century. But, whatever you say, no matter how modern materials are praised for their practicality and durability, there are several points that can overshadow our lives. Firstly, this is due to freezing, there is a marriage at the factory level. The same applies to blowing, only this can still be due to poor-quality installation of the window frame. Secondly, breakdowns in the window mechanism still happen. Most often they occur due to long-term operation, but sometimes there are exceptions.

In this case, when a defect is discovered, two more points may come to light – either the warranty for windows ends, or the company that had window orders simply dissolved. Well, or it began to belong to another owner, who does not take into account all old orders. The situation is not pleasant, and there is a feeling that nothing can be done, it remains either to live with this defect, or to purchase new windows.

But don’t despair. Window repair exists, and it does not cost a lot of money, as it might seem, this is the same acceptable service as, in fact, the installation of the window system itself, or dismantling.

The main advantage of such a service is the ability to restore various defects on the windows that are more than ten years. In some cases, very often, when opening or a tight turn of the handle, it is associated with a simple distortion of the window level – this requires skillful adjustment of fixing mechanisms, without analyzing and replacing spare parts. It is noteworthy, you can even install an additional sash or double -glazed window of greater thickness without replacing the box. All work will not recreate the atmosphere of dirt, dust and noise, as it was during the installation of windows, everything will be much cleaner and more accurate.

Window repair can be carried out with your own hand, on the advice of a specialist, but this will only be a temporary phenomenon, for example, if you decide to adjust the sash yourself, you will need only a specialized key. But this is a temporary measure, which will only delay the appeal to specialists. Do not wait for your windows to stop closing at all – “treat” them in time.

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